This blog follows justin's adventure to becoming a data scientist.

his journey starts at Metis, a bootcamp, and will go [through good coffee and tea] to wherever it takes him.

Vlogs! Latest: Week 3

I have decided to consolidate all the vlogs into one post!  

Week 3

WOW! I know it's been forever. Life has been crazy, but here's week 3! I really did film everyday during the bootcamp and videos will be coming, it just might take a while because it isn't a priority...but THEY ARE COMING!

Week 2

It's been tough to find time to edit the vlogs as we were doing projects non-stop, but I finally found time this weekend to put this together! I've been filming everyday still, so more vlogs to come!


Week 1

It's week 4 and I just finished editing the week 1 vlog... I have a feeling it's going to be like this throughout the whole bootcamp. 

To make it worse, I tried editing on my laptop and it got somewhat frustrating, so I need to go all the way home to edit on my big rig. Apologies in advance for the delays!

The Hardest Part: Job Hunting